Seven Years and Smiles

So we are finally back to a routine, school is in full swing now!  The girls are fully enjoying each other now that they spend a half of a day apart.  The mom days have become much more enjoyable with less screaming and lots more smiling. Averys face is finally healed and looking normal again. Hadley is talking so much more and seems to have quite a bit to say. The girls and I managed to squeeze in a beach house slumber party with Auntie Brey, the kids and Uncle Jason for a little old time chat and giggles.  No matter how old you get sibling slumber parties are still fun!! Joe and I also celebrated our seven year wedding anniversary.  WOW...hard to believe we have been married seven years already, it has gone by so quickly.  So happy to have such a great partner, best friend, awesome dad...and not to mention a great cook!  So we spent the day together, which is sometimes hard to find the time to do with two little ones and a new business.  Well we did it thanks to grandma and papa for taking the girls for the day.  We spent the day heading out to San Francisco Ferry building  ( a awesome spot with tons of little artisan shops etc)  We also hit up Marin Country Mart for a nice lunch and a few of my other favorites.  (Did I mention I am obsessed with everything about Marin Country Mart) absolutely adorable, down to the wood filled planters, light fixtures and paint colors. Great farm inspiration if I do say so myself.  Not to mention that FARMSHOP is coming there soon can't wait.  So the farm projects were on hold for a day along with everything else just to spend a special day together enjoying the little things.  Although lunch somehow led to business plans etc. can't stay away for too long.  A great time to be thankful for each other and a day filled with lots of smiles.  More to come!

Missy Adiego