School Days

Well our days seem to be as busy as ever!  The girls are starting to FINALLY get into a normal daily routine with naps, playtime, school etc.  They mange to take care of the sheep checks daily as well checking for new babies making sure everything is in order down at the farm. Not sure where that comes from?  Avery is still loving riding the school bus which is convenient since it pulls in our barn driveway and is just adorable seeing her so excited to ride it..except every time I mean every time she gets on in the morning I get teary and see her going to college, then wedding yikes!! SO big SO fast. Joe and I also had back to school night this week which was great to see what she has been doing in class and meet her new teacher who is great!  I also managed to skip away this week and have a girls day with my best friend Kristin filling the day with an IKEA trip and some restaurant supply stores along with a nice girls lunch at Jack London in Oakland.  Made for a fun relaxing day.  Relaxing till I arrived home to a messy house and piles of laundry, but days filled with smiles, great friends and happy kids !!
On the farm we are still lambing and busy with projects as usual. So much for downtime.  The farm is finally starting to look like like a real sheep farm.  What is real sheep farm??  Good question just that small little picture in my head.  I am super excited for our new projects ahead and can't wait to get back at it.  Yes back at it with painting, designing etc!! So busy school days and crazy farm nights and lots more to come!

Missy Adiego