Lambs, Little Ladies and Sheep!

The title seems fitting since our days are always filled with lots of little girl laughs and lambs.  The girls have really been taking their night sheep checks seriously. Again...barn attire is all the girls they are free to pick their own outfits for the barn!  The girls had a fun little play date yesterday filled with lots of fun filled giggles, a wedding, trampoline time, farm time and lots of snacks.  Holy Moly those four girls can eat.  I felt like I was feeding teenage boys!  The girls have really gotten attached to our tri colored sheep who now has a name "Emily".  Emily you ask?  Good question, I have no idea where that came from but seems that she is a keeper a nice little friend for Oreo.  Looks like they now just have to convince Daddy. I am staying out of that one (but we do have a cute little sheep shed up at the house for Oreo, it does seem fitting he has a named friend instead of a numbered friend) again I am staying out of it.
On the farm we are coming up on the end of our second year in business and looking forward to our third.  Amazing to think two years have gone by so fast.  All the marital spats, lambs, projects, house renovating, painting, milking, more projects and then some have all been worth it.  Amazing to think that we are about to take on more, so all the above all over again!  This week lambs are still arriving.  Slowly which is quite nice only a few lambs a day.  We have had a few sets of twins all healthy and bouncy.  All the little lambs around the farm along with all the kid smiles make me think what great experiences the girls are having and how great it is to enjoy the little everyday pleasures of the farm. We are still working on project fencing which again is never ending. All that perimeter fencing we finished now is an empty field due to a bad couple nights of coyotes where the dogs could not keep them out. So the sheep in a new field and the dogs are working overtime along with Joe. Always hard when you have things like that happen on the farm makes for a sad morning.  We have lots of new projects in the works and lots of projects half done.  So hopefully a project filled week and lots more to come!

Looks like Turner (the dog) had the same idea

Missy Adiego