Just One of Those Moms

So soccer season has been underway for a little while now.  The kids had their first official game this weekend.  How was it???  Well it was adorable, hilarious, frustrating, and did I say hilarious?  So the other team (who a few of them twice their size, and double the amount of boys on their team) Did I mention we have one main man in ours?  The rest...yes, all girls which equal.....a little less aggressive, adorable ponytails with cute little soccer bows. So the kids to say the least played hard, were exhausted and had fun.  Well I told Joe on the way home.  I am super competitive (runs in the family) and add a professional horse background to that, well I haven't outgrown the competitiveness.  I always looked at those parents....you know THOSE parents you yell during games and get all worked up.  Well I think I might be one of THOSE parents.  Who knew.  During the game I felt my blood pressure rising, yelling Go Avery and clapping...clapping so hard my hands hurt.  Think I am crazy yet?  Joe seemed to thing I was just hilarious.....and one of THOSE parents.  Oh yes...did I mention these are 4 and 5 year olds...makes it even worse.  So the drive home I reflected that I have to support the girls.  Instill great job have fun and enjoy yourself.  Wait...who am I kidding?  Again runs in the family.  So now I have to learn a lesson myself. Not to become one of THOSE parents, instill great job, have fun, and go get um...and a little win attitude!  So with age, I get of course older,wiser, now a little bit crazier??  Great grey hair and wrinkles are right around the corner!
On the farm we are now lambing again.  Well that previous blog post two days ago..... LAMBS ARE HERE again.  We had three sets of twins this weekend.  One set that was a bit premature and super super tiny.  We were surprised they actually made it.  Well today after two days we lost one (even after the girls said a little prayer for them)  They too are adjusting to the farm life and the fact that we lose lambs sometimes :(  The other little one seems to be doing well and is much stronger  The other sets, well they are strong and healthy running around already.  Projects continue as usual, and the farm is starting back to normal (post construction phase).  The rams also got moved to their new pasture, they were still in the ram pens.  Now that our perimeter fence is sheep friendly out they go and seem to be loving it.  Well that was just our weekend in a nutshell.  I am starting to think I might be a bit crazy after writing this, all our kid activities, projects, and a new business venture I am exhausted.  Time to rest and re coop for a new week and lots more kid things, projects and just another normal week for us!!

Hadley and the Tiny Lamb

Baby Yawn, hard being a new lamb

Oreo...our spoiled little house sheep

The Rams resting in their new field

What are they eating?  Looks like our nice California dirt!
Missy Adiego