Feeling Like Fall!

Hello Fall!!! It sure has been feeling like fall around here with the foggy mornings, somewhat cool days, all the new lambs on the ground. (yes foggy drizzly weather means we will have lambs on the ground)  The girls and I also got out all our Halloween decorations and started decorating the house.  Now they are in costume mode planning their costumes they would like to be for Halloween (which change hourly) Avery is still loving  Kindergarten and riding the bus which she bounces on every morning!  She is also still loving soccer although I think she may have a bit more of Grandma Lori and Auntie Brey in her.  She seems to do more cheer leading and skipping on the field while watching others kick the ball.  I am learning to enjoy and laugh at her....it is quite funny to watch all the kids playing soccer and Avery skipping the opposite way (like she has her own little song in her head).  Hadley and I have been enjoying our mornings together everyday. Each day I flash back to how easy one child is.  They go everywhere, it is easy, they are pleasant.  Then 12:30 rolls around and back to the normal crazy two kids schedule.  Speaking of schedules.  I finally got organized and made myself a cute little printable schedule for each day.  (I Never thought I would need a daily schedule)  Well just part of the mom years.  Joe has been super busy with work and all our new farm projects.  Our nights still consist of sheep checks, the next day planning list.  Starting to feel bad for the guy with so much on his plate, I think people are starting to think we are crazy for taking on more......or maybe they just think we are crazier??
The farm LAMBS ARE HERE!  I don't think we ever stopped lambing.  Well that means the guys break in the parlor is over and more ewes have been added to the milk string. Which for us as means more milk. The guys have been swamped with all our new projects.  We are still working on more fence did I mention we are on 300+ acres that is quite a bit of fence.  More new smaller pens so we are able to put our breeding groups. Re arranging of the lamb barn nursery pens (we move lambs around every few months to completely sanitize pens that were used) So busy house days, busy farm days, thank goodness for pumpkin spice lattes time to swing into fall and lots more to come!!

She says she didn't eat a Kit Kat?

Our odd lady out!!

Looks like they found a friend to keep with Oreo

Farm trail ride

Missy Adiego