Farm Projects and Lambs

So the farm days seemed to have gotten a bit crazier if that is at all possible.  The projects continue and more projects keep getting added to the list.  We are now milking our smallest amount of ewes (187) this year which for the guys is a nice little break.  We are still waiting the arrival of lambs.  Yes...just like when you wait for a baby each day your wonder if this is their day or if any new lambs have arrived!  Well we have been having a constant flow of lambs having a few each day to keep the lamb barn a steady flow.  New fencing is almost finished and the sheep are all loving their new pastures.  We are now re doing another area in the front of the barn to clean it up (yes my idea) and make room for our next project  SUPER excited (more to come on that). We said goodbye to our mama pig who was just sold.  Usually this is a sore subject with me (I know crazy animal lady) but seeing that I was not fond of mama pig and her messy habits I was happy to see her find a new home. So lots of cleanup..which is never ending and lots of new exciting projects and hopefully more new babies to come!!

(Milk ewe nap time, seems to be the norm around here)

(perfect day for one of the boys to use the itching post)

(Rough life here on the farm)

(The next project area underway)

(One of my favorite ewe lambs on the farm)

(One of our new precious TINY twins)

(One of our phase 2 lambs)
Missy Adiego