Summers End and a 5th Birthday!

We are down to the last week of summer.  We have been making the most of each day and this past weekend celebrated a big milestone Avery turning 5. Hard to believe 5 years has gone by now she is just an amazing little girl about to go off to kindergarten.  So the last week was filled with lots of last minute party prep seeing that I slacked on the planning a bit this year.  Thought we would have a low key BBQ @ Grandmas house.  Well a BBQ party also needs cute decor correct?  Joe and I only had a few minor marital spats during the set up process.....mostly him just complaining this is crazy what is with the decorations?  Well again we are a bit different.....he did mention having lamb sliders....yes you heard that right, and yes it was a 5 year old party. So the day was filled with lots of work, lots of smiles, and happy little kids making lots of splashes.  So a complete success!  I have been keeping busy with riding, teaching office and farm work.  Always lots to do.  I spent a day this past week doing the grunt work as I call it down at the farm.  Meaning cleaning bathrooms, the office, cob webbing,  cleaning the milk barn. I also dug a little deeper to my farm roots and cleaned the pig pen. We had someone come take photographs of the pigs for a childrens book. So due to my overly obsessive clean nature I thought it had to be clean and fresh.  Joe thought I had become the crazy farmers wife this week when he came home to find me in with the pigs, cobwebs in my hair and dirt in my teeth (literally) So since he was looking at me funny...I just said "why don't we toss one of these piggies on the BBQ for dinner"?  Have to keep the humor around here. (For all of you that follow, I don't eat our farm raised animals)  I have an overwhelming amount of guilt...strange but true!
Around the farm projects are coming along with one of the perimeter fences and some cross fencing complete.  Almost time for a huge new pasture for the sheep!  The lamb barn remodel is underway with the new feeders for our milking ewes being finished.  The posts are now in and the dirt work is starting.  Can't wait to have such organized feeding for the sheep.  Makes for a happy wife when all those barns and feed alleys stay need and tidy!  The pregnant ewe barn feeders are now also complete and now looking extra organized.  We have had a few more lambs but have had a little break the last few days.  The lambs are growing rapidly and doing great on the fresh jersey milk.  I have to admit I am not minding the cows now they are quite cute, and seem to have quite the routine walking to the milk parlor all on their own at milk time.  Now that summer is coming to an end Joe and I are going to be in full swing on the farm working on our next projects.  Super excited for fall on the farm and all our new projects that are to come!! Stay tuned!

Missy Adiego