Quiet & Kindergarten

So school has officially started.  Avery woke up @ the crack of dawn in anticipation of her first big day of real school.  So up Joe and I got completing her morning with a special request for minnie mouse pancakes (thanks to Joe for tackling that task).  Today was one of those days that Joe and I realize how special our families are with everyone calling and wishing her good luck, checking how her day went and a special surprise after school party with Auntie Brey and Uncle Jason, complete with cuzzy play time.  I mean really we are so so lucky for everyone in our lives, and who doesn't love a little surprise party?  For me well, I fared fine.  I thought I was good to go,no tears, no sadness until I saw another mom walking out to the car and then it happened.  The tears welled up in my eyes and I realized I have a 5 year old now and in real school :(  (Thanks Jess for stopping the tears) Then those tears turned to smiles as Joe and I drove home enjoying the quiet peaceful drive without talking or bickering children in the back.  Hadley was a gem all day and thoroughly enjoyed her special time on her own...so much that her day was filled with a two and a half hour morning nap!  Yup that's right a lucky day I say all my housework and to do list finished before noon!! So as the days pass and school starts and the house gets quieter...much quieter I realize how fast time passes and how precious each moment is.  So grateful for everyone and everything!
The farm is busy as usual.  The groundwork continues with new filter fabric now down.  The compost piles are being spread there are now more clean areas on the farm, which makes for a happy wife.  I love when I walk down and everything is still clean!  I say walk (golf cart still unfixed and in the barn, yes hubby is losing major points as I blog this)  We are now milking only 250 ewes which is quite a break for us,for a few weeks anyways until another batch of lambs arrive.  We have had more lambs this week along with another set of triplets.  So a quiet house and   a not so quiet farm.  Excited for a family farm filled weekend and lots more to come!
this is what happens (trampoline time with daddy)

doesn't take much to amuse this bunch

again I do not take responsibility for barn outfits

busted sneaking into the lamb pens

Yes...for all that ask Oreo is still our pet and up by the house
Spoiled as ever

Missy Adiego