Goodbye Summer!

So summers last weekend is now over!  We trying to get back to a somewhat normal schedule (I don't think that is ever normal on a farm but normal bedtime routines for the girls are back in order)  Avery is ending the summer with a nice facial injury from playing to hard with Joe on the trampoline.  Their game was fun for a few minutes until she got trampoline rug burn on her face :(  Her kindergarten pictures are going to be a bit rough this Wednesday thanks to daddy and rough housing!  Now our marital spats have gone from the aisles of Lowe's to the backyard explaining they are girls not boys!  Speaking of marital spats Joe and I are looking forward to celebrating our 7 year wedding anniversary this year.  (Crazy how time goes by so fast....Crazy how I still tolerate him after seven years...he is lucky I love him so much and he is my very best friend seeing that my house window is still untrimmed)  Yes still untrimmed  giving up on that battle!!  
On the farm....well that is just it we have been spending all our time on the farm.  We are busy with our farm projects lets just say that is quite the to do list.  Good thing Joe, Tony and the guys work so hard around here to keep things working properly on top of the animal care everyone has a full time job weekends!  We had a weekend full of new lambs on the ground. Work on the lamb barn is now almost complete with the feeder panels installed.  The ground work is in the works along with new cross fencing in the paddock with new drainage pipe ready to be installed.  See this ranch pre sheep was a run down cow farm for all of you that don't read each post.  When I mean run down it was RUN DOWN.  The area we are fixing up was full of sticker bushes (oh it was an organic cow farm with no sticker bush maintenance) so we have spent the last year clearing up and cleaning out.  Being in our second year of business has been projects...the first year well that was cleanup! The winter time is quite wet from our hills surrounding the barns so...this year there should be a nice clean dry area for animals along with them being able to line up and have their space to eat.  We also had the weekly cleanup of  sheep aisles and bedding areas!  We like to keep things neat and tidy....Let me rephrase that (I) like to keep things neat and tidy. So with me spending time down at the barn = a little more white paint, some more pretty flowers and tidier barns.  Joe seems to find me amusing reminding me daily that a sheep farm is different from a horse farm....Although we did just purchase an equine fly system for the lamb barn. Although he won't admit it it has horses and horse barns on the front! I just remind him to let me run it and I will show him.  Well that battle is too unsettled, in the meantime we compromise.  Something we have learned over the years!!  So lots of new projects, planning cleaning to come!!

Afternoon naps....looks so relaxing

baby nap I interrupted with my photo op 

love all these baby legs!

milking ewe weekly cleaning

This years lamb group

a look below during the cleanup
(for all you east coasters yes it is very brown here)

ready for new drainage pipes

new feeders
Missy Adiego