The Days of 30

So being 30 I thought new times....well those new times seem to bring stress and crazier days!  Yes that is possible for our days to get crazier.  I have to say summer time is a challenge with two little girls, lots of farm work and activities on top of that.  I am learning how to juggle activities, farm things and mommy time (aka a few mom hours to keep me sane) add a broken golf cart there you have it.  Joe obviously doesn't do the walks with the girls to the barn otherwise that golf cart would have been fixed two weeks ago.  So there it sits (in hopes of my father in law Tony to rescue it and fix my switch).  The days of 30 have also brought life lessons.  Always trust your gut, never be a landlord and always save more than you think!  Joe and I (along with my dad and step mom) have been dealing with a con artist of a renter living in our house for free ( a house that was newly remodeled....thanks Dad and Steph for saving us plane flights back there) So the eviction process begins along with attorneys a thing I never thought I would have to deal with.  So my gut was right after the first incident.  I guess the saying older and wiser is true! So now I can just tell Joe....just do it because I am older and wiser ( I am sure he will love that).
The farm projects have been in full swing along with lots of milk and sheep breeding.  We also sold some of our rams to a local dairy that is now going to venture into milking sheep.  Seems like everything is still under construction around here....I am learning that the construction phase on a farm is never ending.  Although Joe and my martial spats have just moved from the aisles of Lowes to the barn aisles.  Once he explains his plans, I just nicely point out they would be better this way. A plus of having a wife with a dream vs reality picture in her head!!  We now have full use of the ranch (no more dairy cows except our own) so project fencing is underway.  Trust me it is needed...when the girls come in yelling every hour "Mo is on the road"  we have bad perimeter fence so it starts there.  So lots of lessons learned, hopefully no more dogs on the road and more days of 30 to come!...

Missy Adiego