Phase 2 (Efficiency)

Well lets just say things are in full swing down at the barn.  We just started lambing (a bit earlier than expected) We have had a few sets of twins all born healthy.  Joe and I are back to our nightly discussions about the farm his to do list vs my to do list. Quite different as usual although we are headed in the same direction.  I just don't think the farm sign and lavender plants are as important on his list as my list!  I still have that little dream farm picture in my head, and now thanks to the ever so addicting pinterest it is even worse. I have to look back sometimes to what we started with. The projects are in full swing.  The feed bunkers for our sheep grain are now in progress and looking a bit more like something!  The farm is a bit messy due to construction everywhere you look.  The barns are now all being retrofitted to feed all the sheep with a feed wagon.  The main barn is now open for sheep to have plenty of room to eat and lounge (our sheep do like their afternoon naps), as well as enable us to drive right through the barn and feed.  Joe had been given a feed wagon and spent hours....I mean hours breaking it down and rebuilding from scratch in hopes that it would work.  All part of the start up business plan (aka try the cheaper route first...something Joe is getting much better at) well that idea didn't work so great.  So a new feed wagon is now in the works, always something around the farm.  The sheep feeder panels we used last year are now being built to be freestanding feeders for the group pens.  The enclosed trailer is no longer enclosed and getting closer to being finished. As I am writing this I am thinking back to a year ago and construction. Well lets just call this construction phase 2 Efficiency.  When you have 1000 sheep (yes crazy that is all sheep including lambs) you have to be efficient very very efficient. So the construction craziness continues and we are super excited for what lies ahead, and after looking at these picture my little dream vs reality is not looking so bad! Lots more to come!

farm view when we first moved in
same view after
farm barn view before
farm barn view after
the feed wagon (worth a shot)

main barn after
the start of the feed bays
we have an escape artist on our hands
working day using the new working shoots
Zoey working on her guarding skills (she can almost keep up)

Missy Adiego