New Times

Well yes new times...since the new times I have been slacking a bit in blogging.  Seems to be getting harder and harder to find time in a day to catch everyone up.  The past week has been a memorable one.  Starting with moms dinner night with all my local mom friends, lets just say it was a good time filled with laughs, drinks, more laughs, stories and one crazy little dinosaur.  (Thanks Shaunda for hosting a great night).  I celebrated a big milestone this past Sunday also my 30th birthday. I had a great day with family at the California state fair.  We all enjoyed fair food and the kids had a blast on rides.  I also convinced my adorable hubby to go on a ride with me seeing it was my birthday.  He agreed (mind you he is terrified of heights and any type of ride) so on to a nice ride we went.  A nice ride that swung around like a hammer stopping us upside down, then swinging us like a hammer again then stopping upside down.  You get my drift, well the nice wife I am I was laughing so hard I was crying, literally crying.  Joe made that a memorable birthday and I will never live it down, I actually felt bad for the poor guy when he got off.  Needless to say I didn't ask him to go on another ride!  We also enjoyed a relaxing family dinner in bodega bay complete with a yummy birthday cake!  I have been enjoying a new era as I call it.  An era of change.  Looking forward what is to come! 
The farm, well it is back to crazy.  We have been busy prepping for lambs, busy with cleanup and milking more than ever.  We had our ultrasound tech come ultrasound our sheep (mind you he is quite amazing to watch) We whipped through 300 sheep in and hour and a half.  He sits on a chair and can see the ultrasound right in his helmet goggles.  So with 176 pregnant ewes confirmed we will have lots of lambs soon. (Joe will have lots of time at the computer record keeping now that breeding season is here)  Projects continue with some modified sheep feeders now complete.  Now that we have full use of the ranch there are sheep everywhere and all enjoying their new space and pastures. 

Missy Adiego