Lists schedules...and new additions

So we are back to our normal day to day schedule after a great family visit and lots of fun family time.  We finished up our family visit with lots of play time with papa ron and grandma stephanie.  Meaning the girls made papa and grandma run around playing hide n seek, fly kites, pool time you name it they did it.  Put it this way Papa was the one needing the nap (literally he napped with the kids).  I finally.... yes I say FINALLY got my nice camera back which has been at Nikon since April.  Well I feel like I got my legs back I have been snapping away and boy have I missed capturing the moments.  I am also back in the saddle and back teaching after a few weeks off.  Oh how I love vacation but oh how I love my day to day life.  I have to admit I am an avid list maker....thanks to my dad who is also a list maker.  Joe on the other hand not so fond of the wife list: (honey do list) he made up for not cleaning the house while I was gone and has tackled the house projects like the bathroom sink.  He also managed to hang the girls saddle racks in the tack room (yes I placed them at the bottom of our back door steps and said can you hang these when you get a chance)  thinking I am not going to nag he will get the hint.  Well that sat at the bottom of the steps for 3 weeks.  I mean really 3 weeks. People wonder why women have to nag.  He actually did laugh about it after that it took so long (glad he found humor in it). Maybe he will think different when dinner takes 3 weeks?  He is also starting to work on the girls arctic cat replacing the wheels and vamping it up for them so seeing it is HIS project I can only imagine what vamping it up means (more to come on that). 
On the farm the projects continue!  More progress on the feed bunks continue.  They are almost ready for paint and asphalt.  The sheep feeders are now in progress and a few are finished and now their new height.  We also have a new visitor ( I say visitor meaning it showed up)  we had a barbados goat roam onto the property that is quite wild with a big old nose gash.  We cleaned her up and put her in a pen with food and water.  I swear animals know I am a sucker when it comes to taking care of them.  Just what we need one more addition.  No one or neighbors seem to know who she belongs to so for now she is just hanging out at the farm.  Speaking of additions we have two new cows (yes I repeat cows)  I think I have to eat my words on cows seeing as our herd keeps growing.  Joe got two new brown swiss cows.  We have lots of extra milk right now before lambing begins again so no sense in wasting just get another mouth to feed.  (Hadley seems to be quite fond of them) Part of the farm life. So my farm list grows with projects, things to purchase, things to clean and things to do! Lots more to come.

Missy Adiego