Lambs are HERE!!

So all I can think of when Joe swings open the door yelling "Lambs are here"  I flashed to the Jersey Shore TV show and Pauly D always yelling "Cabs are here".  Well yes my nightly indulgence are hose horrible yet so addicting reality TV shows.  So yes this is our life...all again part of the farm life.  Joe so enthusiastic about new lambs.  Well for us here at the farm it is a big moment when the first lambs start rolling that are out of season, that only means there are more to come. In our case that is true.  We were planning on lambs in August so we a are pretty close.  So yes "Lambs are here" eight new adorable babies. So now into lambing mode we go with lots of night checks, early mornings an extra rush on farm projects and more milk parlor time for our guys.  So for a family farm if you see us running around the farm or house yelling "Lambs are here" it is just another day of the farm life.  More to come!!

Missy Adiego