Hello July

Well since I have been slacking on blogging due to a crazy end of June, being sick.....sick for a good two weeks and one busy schedule I finally am back.  Back to blogging, back in good health and back home.  June ended with good news and Avery finally making it to level 2 in swimming and swimming on her own.  Well its been a process but boy is she pumped...yes her word pumped to go to the next level.  Grandma Lori was there for her special day since I was still home in bed sick. So she still got to celebrate with grandmas treats.  We also spent the time prepping for our yearly family trip with Papa Ron and Grandma Stephanie. Uncle Eric, Aunt Brey, Layla and Landon.  Joe had to miss this years family trip due to being on call for his normal Job and not being able to find coverage.  So the girls and I packed up and headed out.  (Although still sick I did shed some tears on the way down on how am I possibly going to enjoy this) All the while popping halls cough drops....driving Joes work truck since my car decided to have and issue and shut off and be at the dealer the day before I left.  Well that's when again you are never too old for mom.  Called her crying while driving on what do I do I can't even feel my throat nothing is working I feel awful....blah blah blah.  Her response.  Well get the throat spray!  SIMPLE...SIMPLE as that.  So a quick stop before the airport and well lets just say moms are always right.  I spent two days of the trip taking it easy and a whole bottle of  throat spray.  The trip went on, fun was had including tons of family laughs, cuzzy time, some shopping, the aquarium, one cool park, a little mommy, sissy, grandma spa time.  We had a blast and missed Joe the whole time.  The girls were great and growing up so fast.  Our nights were filled with dance shows, our mornings were filled with family breakfasts and hide n seek. So back home we are.  Always good to be home....although I swear I could have divorced my husband today!  Dirty house, complete with dirty laundry dirty dishes....dead flowers blah blah blah.  Yes I could go on but for your sake I will keep some at bay. Although he did water his garden.  Well that garden is lucky I didn't come stomping threw it this afternoon in honor of Joe!  So things are back in order, house is clean, kids happy to be home and lots more to do.  Looking forward to the 4th of July and some fun fireworks! 
On the farm front....well lets just say I have no idea.  I haven't made it out of the house in a week.  Went right on vacation, came home to a crazy messy house inside and out.  I have a feeling that will be a post of its own!  Stay tuned more projects, some fireworks and hopefully the farm and house back in order. More to come!

Missy Adiego