Farm Days and Night Jams

Well we are all loving out summer schedule, well I should speak for the girls and I seeing that Joe is up at 5am working.  The girls and I have been enjoying our late summer morning starting around 8:30am.  Yes anything past 7am is pure bliss all you moms out there know what I am talking about.  You know it will be a good day when the coffee pot turns on and starts brewing before your kids are up.  That's how we have been starting our summer days.  The girls have been having a blast and getting along with days filled with swim, projects, farm visits, one awesome babysitter (Angelina) and fun summer nights. I have had been able to get back to my riding and teaching and have my special mommy time.  We also had a impromptu girls night with all my best friends (Kristin, Kathryn and Hahna) in Healdsburg starting off with a visit to Kristin and Hollands new house. (Can I say house envy, her little cottage is amazing) and the town of Healdsburg what is not to love with tree lined streets and perfection in every house, plus it is the home of Snowbunny which makes me love it that much more. (Although now that my best friend lives there it is my daycation spot...and home to the country cool night air...I am a country girl at heart)  Well we enjoyed our night with a girls dinner, a stop for some yummy fro yo bunny pops at Snowbunny then to the concert in the park to see Mckenna Faith (a cute little up and coming country star)  Well we had a blast a night full of wine, great conversations, laughs and dancing.  Yes my little ones can sure shake it.  They got a front row dance spot and danced the night away, and are now super Mckenna Faith fans so cute! Joe well he has been busy working , working and working. (He said he had to work extra hard for my birthday present)  I am a lucky lady the guy never stops. He also finished installing the girls new rubber tires on the arctic cat, so they are now back in business and driving all over the farm. (great daddy also...and a handy one at that)
The farm has also been busy with lots of milking.  We are still waiting on more lambs due to arrive late this month and August.  We were excited to see a lamb review and photo of our lamb at The French Laundry on yelp.  We also now be selling lamb to a market in Pt Reyes.  So excited to see another aspect of the business take off.  We have some exciting opportunities coming are way, Joe and I both feel so lucky for the farm and how things have fallen into place. Makes all the hard work and long hours everyday meaningful.  We also got our farm entrance sign back and installed with our new farm logo.  We are super happy with how it looks well worth the wait.  So hard working farm days, summer filled night jams and lots lots more to come!

Missy Adiego