Worth A Shot!

Well it was worth a shot...family tent camping that is.  I asked Joe a few weeks back what he would like to do for fathers day.  He suggested camping, so me thinking OK that could be fun....I immediately got on craigslist and looked at campers.  Well he was not thinking camper camping. He was thinking tent camping.  Well a week went by and I thought he might forget so I ask him again you really need to figure out what you want to do for fathers day.  His reply...camping!  Ok, I think this will be fun! An adventure, the girls will love it.  So all excited I book a campsite not to far from home in lake county (blue lakes) all of you from here are probably laughing.  Hey not being an avid camper I just picked a decent website and went with it.  Everyone super excited about camping actually got me excited to go and that website offered so much.  So Friday night Joe gets home we start packing and he says lets go tonight...the girls shrieking in excitement camping, camping camping!!  I think it's his weekend lets go!  We drove an hour and a half arrive with excited, over tired kids to our campground.  Joe and I just look at each other....lets just say we pictured green grass little tent site.  This place more of a parking lot with a nice dirt site in the middle of two RVs.  I told Joe, you see we should have a camper trailer.  Being night time we whipped the campsite together and got all tucked in the tent with my newly inflated queen air mattress.  This will be OK I think.  Well an hour into it kids asleep, my air mattress slowly deflating I think how uncomfortable I am (did I mention Joe wanted to use his hunting tent)  Well two hours later.. the big rigs start rolling down the hill (the hill is the main road right across the lake from our tent) so the sound of big rig rush hour all night long traveling at fast speeds and my air mattress also loosing air at fast speeds the night was a restless one.  Well morning came and we got to see the campground (again nothing like the website)  and the company we had around us (nothing like those happy cute families on the website)  I think even our dog Ellie had a restless night!  Well we made the most of the day and rented a paddle boat with the girls to paddle the lake and do a little fishing!  They loved it...and again (the lady in the office saying she was a lake native while she smoked her cigarette) we would for sure catch a fish was again not correct., but we had fun trying and I have to say the girls did better than I thought. I for sure thought the limit would be ten minutes.  So we spent the day boating, fishing, swimming,snacking and building some sand castles.  We had a great time being together.  Well the late afternoon crowd rolled in with the full body tattoos, bad language, smoking, and beer in hands staring at the girls, Joe and I like we were foreigners, we thought it was worth a shot.  A shot at tent camping, great memories made, next time better campground....and not a tent! So home a day early, and lucky for us seeing that Hadley was up all night sick.  (tent and sick little one = catastrophe) so glad to be home...more to come!

morning breakfast

our setup...proud of myself for cramping in this thing

We were not with other early morning campers so the girls occupied themselves for quiet time

102 outside..this little girl is ready to go home (that is a collapsed tent)

All tuckered out on our way home

this will be my new slogan

Missy Adiego