What a weekend!!

Well what a weekend is an understatement.  It's amazing how fast weekends go by and how much we can pack into one weekend.  I hosted the monthly moms brunch at the house which was a great party chatting with mommy friends while all the kids played.  To say the least I think they all went home and napped very well! We also got to squeeze in a little family movie time.  (where you make a bed in the living room with all your pillows and blankets so fun) I have really learned to cherish those little moments.   (including Joe and Averys pretend tea party this weekend) so so cute.  Even Joe has learned to adjust to the girls, being the only one to paint their nails, and have pretend porch tea parties! Must be part of the Dad years! We finished out our weekend with a relaxing day...that started early with me heading to the barn to ride and teach (starts the day right)  We enjoyed some sunshine and pool play.  Joe and I also decided to re arrange the bedroom.  (Well I decided)  he actually didn't fuss to much over it, so that turned into spending the afternoon cleaning closets and dressers.  Deep cleaning the bedroom, re arranging then rearranging again. The marital spats stayed to a minimum...although I did find him pushing mattress a little to hard making me fall onto the box spring.  His smug look said it all...so I made sure while watering he got a dose of his own medicine!!  All of the sudden no Joe.....well he lasted awhile...he made his way to the couch to watch past episode of wild justice!  (beggars can't be choosers so I only made him do the necessary since he did help re arrange and clean closets, consider it his lucky day). This past week was a tough one on Joe and I have to say I feel so fortunate to have married such a great guy.  He is an amazing husband and really making good decisions even when it is tough. He is a true role model to the girls, and I am so lucky they can learn by example from him.
On the farm front things are also crazy.  We got the farm sign back and well.....the olive is teal :( so back in it goes Monday to get the teal supposed to be olive green fixed. This weekend was filled with pasture rotation and lamb sorting.  We sort our lambs by size and manner in pasture (meaning the docile ones go together/ the wild ones go together etc etc) So the sorting of 300+ lambs takes some time!   A new feed bin is in the works for the brewers grain (pics to come).  So lots happening in one weekend.  Lots more projects, rearranging, and kid stories to come.  Stay tuned!

Missy Adiego