Sand, Sun and Swim

Well the last few days again have been busy ones.  It started with some extra special cuzzy time.  I got to have my nephew Landon for a slumber party.  I had to quickly re adjust to baby mode. We had fun with play time, strolling the farm...and trying to get him back to bed after Joe woke him up.  I walk into my bedroom and Joe is leaning over the playpen.  I ask "what are you doing"? His reply "well he is up" me..."what do you mean he is up it's 9:30" Uncle Joe thought it would be fun to check on him well he opened his eyes and Joe went with it.  Obviously Joe doesn't know the classic parent move when a baby opens their eyes when they are supposed to be sleeping you immediately hit the floor or bed wherever you may be and pretend to sleep.  We have also been enjoying the summer weather and there has been lots of playing outside.  Including trampoline time...(did I mention how out of shape I am) quite a challenge keeping up with the girls on that thing.  Joe also has been enjoying his evening games of tag.  Although the girls are quick he actually has to work at it.  Zoey (our supposed to be unsocial herd dog) also came up to the house to get in on the fun! Good thing she is so unsocial. Avery had her school field trip to Dillon Beach.  Hadley got to join along and let's just say with a morning filled with friends, shell collecting, sand hill sliding (yes sliding down the sand dunes) makes for sand everywhere....everywhere, but what fun!  Avery also started her swim lessons this week.  Her first day was a bit rough she actually started crying and got really shy.  (not the norm) I was just thinking good gosh...her too.  I am shooting two for two with swim lessons.  Well she hoped in an got over it and made it through.  She did great on day two and Joey even got to go watch along with Hadley.  I have been working on my crafting for my moms brunch this weekend, lots of prep work outside for me (gardens, mowing you name it) so looking forward to a fun weekend ahead. 
At the farm our ladies are still milking better than ever.  They have really adjusted to the new feed now and look better than ever also. Joe and I are so relieved to have our feed regimen under control and working. I can't tell you how many dinner conversations (and a few marital words) we have had over sheep feed.  Part of the farm life I guess.  We also purchased some silage for our sheep that was cut and bagged today. So a little party, sunshine and lots more to come!

Missy Adiego