A few changes!

So in one of Joe and my late night chats...you know those chats that you have in bed when your husband is half asleep.  Well it was the other way around for us. Joe decides to chat about my blog.  I rearranged the bedroom which then again made me rearrange the living room.  I know obsessive!  Well what can I say I am a project girl..I love me a project.  So home comes Joe and the house is all rearranged!  So he seems to think that I should blog about how many times I can rearrange the house.  Well I know it has already been a good 10 times, considering our house size that is pretty amazing.  I had to just laugh and tell him well we either move to a new project house or you embrace my creativeness.  So silence is met, I guess that means he is embracing my creativeness.  Speaking of home projects, Joe seems to be clipping away at little projects without me nagging or asking.  I know SHOCKING!  I almost whipped out the camera to video, but instead in my nice stepford wife way and watched him and embraced his husbandness! So the back door now is complete with the new threshold. (amazing the little things that make me happy)  The girls have been fully enjoying our summer weather with lots of swimming.

At the farm projects are in full swing while we are not lambing at the moment. The guys are making a new flatbed trailer to haul equipment on. Pics to come.  The sheep are all enjoying their new pastures.  We decided to let Oreo (our pet sheep that has his very own custom sheep shed by our house) go out with all the other sheep for awhile.  I was feeling bad for him and his friend that were running around their pen with minimal grass right now.  Also lets just say they both became pets.  Meaning every time someone pulled in the driveway our our landlord walked to get mail...those pet sheep made some noise.  Lots of noise, lots of BAAS.  They got used to the treats.  They seemed to love the new large pasture so far, and all the new friends.  Although I did do a nightly check on them and they were both still side by side.  So Oreos nice sheep shed and pen is going to house some phase 2 lambs for a little while well he enjoys the grass pastures! More to come!

Missy Adiego