Hello June...and Swim Tears

Well June is here and I am looking forward to Avery graduating preschool and summer being here.  This past weekend my best girlfriends (Kristin, Hahna and Kathryn) kicked off the start of summer with a little girls get together complete with girl chat, Avery and Hadley swimming, my first sunburn of the summer and an antique fair.  I convinced the girls to take a drive to Cloverdale to the antique fair.  We get there with Avery and Hadley in tow.  ( not much of an antique fair, only about 14 vendors) Well of course I spot a vendor down the row selling junk...well under the junk was an vintage sign.  Well I scored myself a deal and snatched it up.  Not knowing where this 8ft sign is going to go or how possibly I am going to fit 4 adults and two kids in car seats and my 8ft sign.  Well lucky for me that why these girls are my best friends.  We did a little rearranging, all slouched over and the girls all held that wood sign for a 1/2 hour.  So it made it home to the sound of Joe..."what is that".  That is an 8ft vintage sign, "don't you love it"?  Silly question, Joe doesn't love anything at first.  Well I brought it in the house convinced Joe to hang this 8ft beauty on the wall.  Yes my house is tiny...not sure that is why I have a new obsession for oversized items.  Well its up and looks great, have to do a little tweaking to the house but loving it so far, and Joe...he said he likes it too (win win for me).  Hadley started her first swim lesson this Monday.  Well that first swim lesson only lasted about 5 minutes.  She got in moved around a bit then freaked out.(yes last year I laughed at those screaming kids at the pool that refused to get in) well, this year I was that mom, once she was out she was done.  So out she came.  The excitement overwhelmed the reality of it.  I have to admit I had a mom moment (you know those moments where your heart beats fast in realization of your kids growing up too fast...yes one of those) So she is not going to swim this summer in lessons, we will try when she is 3 and work on it @ home for now. I am full party mode looking forward to the moms brunch with all the kids this Saturday.  Love my party planning so fun, and I am excited to have all the kids play.
On the farm we have started lambing again.  A few sets of triplets,twins and a few singles.  Our milking parlor is in full use and we are shipping more milk that we ever have.  Our new feed has all been delivered minus the silage we are getting next week and our sheep are showing improvement in production which is what we like to see.  Our front farm sign is now being re vamped with our new logo, I am looking forward to seeing it finished and get it back in place.  The milk barn got a new commercial water heater.  Yes..commercial, the thing looks like a robot.  Joe seems excited about it...so just like my vintage sign it is exciting to me ;)  So a busy week ahead and lots more to come!

Even the rams have afternoon nap!

new twins

First day of swim with Grandma Lori

So excited to swim

she is in!! for a few minutes anyway

Joe installing the new hot water heater

Mo~ our hard working herd dog!

Afternoon resting is just the afternoon normal

Missy Adiego