Farm Days!

As the days continue so does our crazy schedule and projects.  We all managed to catch a little bug and all get sick at different times :( who gets sick when summer starts?  So we are all back and healthy.  The girls have been spending their days surprisingly playing together (with a few screams and pinches here and there) but overall life is quite calm with them at the moment.  I have to say just listening to them chat together, or play hide and seek with each other.  Precious moments I cherish.  Although Hadleys counting is a bit off  (1...2....1....3) we will get there.  Avery seems to think it is a bit unfair and not understand that 2 year olds are just learning to count.  Avery is still doing great at her swim lessons.  She did her streamline kicking all on  her own. It was her first time swimming on her own.  She was so proud of herself she gave herself a little clap.  So did Hadley and I from the sidelines.  We also have been enjoying lots of family time with my brother and sister in law in town visiting.  We have had some quality family time @ the beach house.  A family Snowbunny trip (complete with the new bunny pops) which I have been craving since I had the original tart with lemon topping (amazing).  We also squeezed in a family farm tour.  Although my brother obviously skims my blog (seeing that he was a bit surprised to see sheep not goats) that's why I love him. On the New York side Joe and I also had our renters leave our house after 4 years. So huge Thank You to Dad and Stephanie for working their butts off on our house and get it back in tip top shape.  You guys are the best we are so lucky!
On the farm I have tackled my farm to do list.  Finished landscaping, painting, and finished our website complete with a new lamb page.   I had to joke with Joe the day he was sick....well I got everything on my farm list done on top of watch the girls.  What did you do?  (hey have to take advantage of those moments) So he is back on the mend and back to work.  They guys have also worked on the enclosed trailer/flatbed and more was done on that.  They spent many hours mowing the sticker bushes in the sheep fields, that are not longer green we have the nice crisp California brown going on. The milking parlor still in full swing.  We are still milking 330 ewes.  So lots of parlor time and lots of milk. Lots of new projects to come! 

Missy Adiego