Back at it!

Well it is officially summer.  Joe and I have really been enjoying our special family time and mini vacations (if camping counts)  We were chatting about farm projects the other night, and boy do we have quite the list.  His and Hers are quite different.  Surprised....I am not! So we are back at it!!  Back to work for both of us.  Even my winter farm flower boxes were overgrown and looking a mess.  So I kicked off  the day before summer with a day full of planting, staining flower boxes, staining barn doors, painting steps.  Starting to look like a fresh crisp farm again. Although the guys seem to forget that crisp white paint should not be walked on until dry. We are in the final phases of our front farm sign.  We finally found the olive color for the sign.  That should be done and back in place soon.  The guys are still working like little bees.  We have come to a point where this next year we are going to need more space for all of our sheep.  Now that they are all home from winter grazing.....there is a lot of sheep, a lot!!  So we are in the process of figuring out the best use for all our buildings.  We are going to have to add a new barn next year, along with feed bunkers so the planning begins.  Lambing starts in full swing again in August so crunch time is on for lamb projects.  I on the other hand still have lots of new sprucing up projects to do as well as finish the website for the farm.  The girls have been spending their night trying to catch  Oreo (their pet sheep) who is really ....really enjoying his time with all the big sheep in the big pasture.  So they are still unsuccessful and the catch but A+ for effort.  I even gave it a whirl but not luck. We can call him and he baas back from the field but doesn't have any interest in coming back to his newly built, newly painted custom sheep pen!! So back it, lots more projects, farm days and hopefully a sheep to be caught to come!!

Coop Before

some summer stain

so sad~ farm planters before

when all else fails use the kids garden tools

Much better

Missy Adiego