Weekend Fun!!

Well with a long holiday weekend in store means for lots of projects, family, stories and of course sheep. I got a chance to catch up with my best friend Kristin and we headed up to the Healdsburg farmers market.  The girls really seemed to enjoy all the fresh fruit and it was so much fun to get out and enjoy some sunshine.  We also made a quick snack stop at my all time favorite little store Oakville Grocery.  A must stop @ store.  That was our option seeing that Snowbunny was closed.  We were up bright and early. (speaking of bright and early) our holiday weekend started out great with Joe bringing the girls and I breakfast in bed... doughnuts and clover chocolate milk.... my two favorites. (such a good hubby...this weekend was one that made me realize how lucky I am to have such a great guy)  this week anyway.  We also had a family BBQ  at the beach house full of cuzzy time and family fun!  So fun to see all the kids play together and really have a GREAT time. We also got some projects done.  Joe decided to plant a garden with the girls.  They built, planted and completed the garden.  We only had a few marital spats over the location....but I figure pick my battles....there is no greenhouse right?.  So it could be worse.  I got a chance to have a few times to ride Darcy out  on the farm property.  She has been amazing so great that I took her back home already for more arena work for awhile before she comes back here again.  I guess Hadley also caught the riding bug and rode Kingsley for quite awhile working on balancing and halting.  So fun to see her really like something...so much that she even helped with picking the hooves after!  
On the farm, well it was a weekend filled cleanup and sheep sorting pregnant/non pregnant...milkers/non milkers.  Quite the process.  Thank goodness for Joes ear tag hand scanner.  (of course he has the easy way to check ear tag numbers)  After watching him sort sheep all morning so easily...I had no guilt and made him take an immediate trip to the home improvement store and purchase me a leaf blower.  Yes no more sweeping the sidewalks.  Still no guilt after the first use and boy is it much easier.  We would have had that last year if Joe was the one sweeping!  I might have a new obsession with that thing so much it might replace my spray painting addiction :) So with a weekend filled with family, laughs...some fits and marital spats.  Lots more to come!!

Missy Adiego