Thankful Times

Well this past week was a week filled with little things to be thankful for.  Not big things just the normal day to day things.  The girls had special time with Joe and finally got the perfect pool trough!  (pool trough: county kids pool)  It is a huge hit and they love it so far.  Joe and I have had a week filled with questions.  Avery is in a new phase of asking questions, lots and lots of questions.  The type of questions that I as a parent am not ready for and have been stumped a few times this week.  My moms cat passed away,and after we explained what had happened she says well she is in heaven....long pause...."well how does she get to heaven" .So I start to explain (her with a confused look on her face, she is only 4 1/2) so Joe jumped in and simplified it a bit.  I still don't think she gets it but that will come.  Also driving to Target this week she asks me "why are there so many garage sales on the road?" meaning all those mothers day stands with balloons and bears on stony point road. Then to top it off we passed a cemetery  that happened to be having a navy funeral with all the men standing saluting.  Well here we go "what is a cemetery", "why are all those guys standing there"? "Do they move"?  Poor Hadley just staring at me during all these questions.  Well the time has come to discuss things that happen in life, she will no longer just forget about it.  Trust me she does not forget. Last summer in NY we went to a garage sale and she still talks about wanting to go garage shopping, hence the reason she thinks here in CA we have garage sales on the road! So its been a busy mom week mentally.  On a lighter note there has been lots of fun.  I had an amazing mothers day and enjoyed every second of it.  I am truly blessed with an amazing family! We also got a new addition for the farm for a few months.  Darcy a four year old Oldenburg out of Deutschmeister. She is a project horse that will be for sale and has come to the farm  to hang out and see some new things while I train her. Although I am getting quite attached to her, I even caught Joe out petting her while he watered. Such a sweet girl, and getting a huge amount of carrots due to the little ones :)
The farm well we are still having lambs although is has slowed down and we are almost finished. (Till August)  The little piglets are growing rapidly and hilarious to watch.  they get out of the pig pen and race around.  Ellie (our jack russell) is their favorite they think it is quite fun to play and chase her around. We are now milking 373 ewes some have been pulled out of the milking string and all finished milking.  The projects continue and the lamb barn is still under construction.  I am anxious to paint all our renovated pens with fresh white paint.  Time for summer and fresh flowers and paint, that makes for one happy farm.  So lots to be thankful for lots of special little moments and lots more to come.

Darcy settled in and enjoying the farm life

Good Night kisses for kingsley

one more hug before bed 

the lamb nursery~ everyone all lined up for dinner milk bottles

dinner time ~ all ready for milk bottles

Missy Adiego