Pool Bickering!

Well summer weather is here and since Joe and I aren't arguing about the greenhouse in my side yard anymore, we have moved on to bigger and better things a kids pool.  So I usually buy those cheap little inflatable pools every year and they always get a hole or leak some how.  I call Joe the other day and tell him I am going to go grab a pool for the girls.  Well that comment turned in to how I waste money on those cheap little pools every year he wants to do a metal one.  { picture this argument as the girls are staring at me arguing back and forth about their pool. Way to be adults about it right} I am thinking here we go. A metal pool?  With toddlers only he would suggest that since I am the one home with the girls and he has NO CLUE!  Ok so you get the picture.  Well that night dinner turned into pool talk.  He explained what he was thinking, and I listened and I have to say he was right his idea was great.  Not usually the norm around here, as you know if you read the blog.  So I had to agree and we decided to do a trough pool for the kids, they come small in size and he can plumb it to be able to drain after each swim. My main concern with Hadley around!  So as we are in the store deciding on what size water trough for our kids to swim in, as I am claiming this is total highway robbery for what galvanized troughs cost we finally picked a size!  So as the years in marriage go on our bickering gets better.  So the house projects are to continue once Joe and the girls pick up their pool...aka water trough! I wonder if Avery and Hadley will drive by animals in the field and wonder why cows are drinking out of a swimming pool?  Part of the farm life right? I will be working on how to make that tank pool cute and fit with the house decor!  Speaking of pools the weather has been summer weather I finally got a chance to sign up the girls for swim lessons and Avery in soccer. I decided to also try Hadley in her first swim lesson on her own @ the same time as Avery hoping it works out! Things on the farm are going great busy as usual.  The lambs are all growing rapidly and the ewes are milking awesome...although we do have some of our yearlings run in the parlor and lay down and not get up wondering what is going on :(  So with a little coaxing  and grain they figure it out and run in and stand the second time around! As the projects continue so does the bickering!  Lots more to come....and pictures soon once my camera is fixed and returned!

Darcy  a great way to start my day

Kingsley taking over Oreos pen

My little bike rider

Miss Hadley with her shiner

Avery and Savannah play date time

A pool inspiration photo...smaller version of course
the ewes after milking racing to the barn for their dinner
Missy Adiego