New York Trip (Part Two)

Well our second part of our New York visit went quick. Avery and I spent the last half visiting with Grandma Stephanie and Papa including a trip to the mall for some school shopping.  Wouldn't be a complete vacation without a little shopping.  We also got a chance to catch up with my childhood best friend Natalie, her husband Andy and their two little ones Avery and Charleigh. So it felt like nothing has changed even with 3,000 miles between us.  I had a great dinner, lots of laughs and had so much fun watching the Averys play along with Charleigh.  Nat and I had lots of laughs especially when she had all the old toys we used to play with in her playroom complete with her old barbies with their haircuts and all.  So fun!!  (Thanks guys for an awesome time...and Andy for hooking my on my new favorite beer)  The following day Avery and I headed to my hometown Medina to visit Mammie.  I got to show her my house that I grew up in , the church I used to go to (although the childhood house...very rundown...and church, well not a weekly visitor if you know what I mean) so she seemed excited to see the sites.  We also got to visit the local firehouse and see all the firetrucks and ambulances. (thanks Michael for the impromptu trip) I had fun anyway even though Avery was quite shy.  From there we made our last and final stop by our rental house to take a little tour since our renters are leaving.  Avery seemed to think all these house visits were quite fun.  So we topped off our last night with a little movie time, a pierogie dinner ( another childhood favorite..the farmer cheese ones) we found them at the famers market and had to buy some.  Looks like Avery also like the Polish food :) So a great trip, lots of great visits, laughs and relaxing.  So home to reality.  My handsome hubby and Hadley greeted us at the airport.  Lots an lots of hugs everyone seemed to really miss each other.  Joe even got flowers, a card and.....and...cleaned the house. (well that is debatable) I did have to re clean.  He said he swept and everything.  He must have just missed the cat hair and some leftover food on the floor :) Hey at least he tried.  
On the farm things are as busy as ever.  Lots of new lambs while I was gone.  All the lamb pens are now being bedded with shavings vs straw (so much better, feels so nice to walk in the barn and have a shavings smell) The lamb nursery is undergoing its new renovation.  We need more milk sheep barn area.  We are now putting lambs and the ewes in larger pens vs the little jugs (unless needed) they seem to be doing much better and it seems more natural to let them roam a little more than a smaller pen. We are also renovating some of the lamb paddock runs, that are now becoming lamb turnouts for our ewes and new lambs.  So May is here, much more to come!

{papa Ron and Avery}

{Miss Charleigh}

{oh yes blast from the past}

{Avery, Avery and Charleigh}

{who doesn't like to slide down stairs}

{last day of our trip}

{ok ok ...I will stop taking pictures}

{my childhood house}

{Avery and Mammie}

Missy Adiego