Goodbye May

Well just as the month comes to a close each day has been packed with kid activities, farm work, doctor appointments and lots of other things, I have to say I am looking forward to June. A few weeks back my new doctor suggested to do the BRAC gene testing (for ovarian and breast cancer) seeing the family history of cancer and with my moms history.  So I decided to do the testing since it was encouraged so strongly and it came back positive for BRAC 2.  I was pretty sure I was going to have it (just seeing the obvious) but once I really new for sure it defiantly was a hard few weeks.  So my doctor immediately sent me in for early screening tests blood work etc. So my days have been filled with doctor appointments and testing to get a "game plan" for my future.  I guess this is also part of the mom years and turning 30 in a few months. I also learned with all my blood work I am pre diabetic....a reason for me feeling so awful and tired lately.  So downside of that.... no more mountain dew, powdered doughnuts for breakfast.  Oh and I had to admit to Joe over our breakfast fight that cereal might NOT be OK for dinner!! Guess he won that fight!  So new healthy eating habits around the farm.  Good thing we planted our garden for some fresh options!  The girls have been really using their trough swimming pool daily.  A great option for summer seems to really tire them out and make afternoon naps a breeze.  Hadley starts her first session of swim next week. A bit nervous seeing that she is only 2 1/2.  Hopefully she will be brave and hop in the water if not we will try next year.
On the farm we are still lambing.  We had a set of twins today and a single lamb yesterday. We are now milking 360 ewes.  Due to lambing in August some ewes have been pulled out of the parlor for their dry time, and to have the mommy nutrition.  We are also milking 8 cows.  Yes who would have thought I would say that?  NOT ME!  I have to say they have grown on me (in the fields)  I get a bit anxious when they come into the milking parlor and make a bit of a mess :)  That will come with time.  We are still working on our feed regimen for the sheep and adding a few more selections for them. Excited to see the results. Our fields around the barns are now growing after being planted for this year, can't wait for the sheep to get back out on the fresh grass.  My daily to do lists are still plenty full each time I go out to the barn/farm.  Lots of projects to start.  Now that I am feeling better the lists can start and the nagging can begin. Joe I am sure is looking forward to it I am sure!  Looking forward to summer....lots more to come!

Missy Adiego