Feeling like Summer

So back to the normal day to day routine.  I actually am not sure if it is ever normal day to day around here with something new everyday. (part of the country life)  We have been busy as usual around here.  I walked in the Human Race 10k with a group of moms from Averys preschool.  Thanks to everyone for the generous donations towards her preschool it is very much appreciated!  Well I wasn't sure how the walk would go seeing that I hadn't been walking the few weeks before. Well I survived we finished it in 2 hrs and 15minutes. This past weekend was also full of riding and celebrating my best friend Kristins birthday!  Riding has been going great and Darcy the new project horse I am riding now has been progressing. Not sure if riding and jumping the day after the 10k was a great idea...feeling the pain today! Joe has is honey do list for this weekend to prep the pony pen to become a horse pen. So excited to bring her home to work with everyday!  For my best friends birthday Kathryn, Hahna, Kristin (birthday girl) and I headed to St. Helena for the day.  For those of you who haven't visited St. Helena (adorable little town) I had a hard time leaving, every retail space and house is absolutely adorable!  We had a great time girl chatting, wine tasting, and a amazing dinner @ Farmstead! Again these places are to die for.  Farmstead bathroom was even pinnable (pinnable: picture ready for cute ideas). So a super sunny relaxing day with my closest friends always a good time (love you girls)  Avery and Hadley spent the day @ grandmas and learned to ride their bikes (pics to follow)  yes they are both riding two wheelers with training wheels.  So proud of them! Growing up so fast :(
On the farm front we are still lambing...yes lambs are still arriving! This weekend was also project filled with completing the new larger pens, seeding and irrigating our fields for pasture rotation, and foot baths and feet trimming!  So the guys are keeping busy and now that it is feeling like summertime there are lots more projects to come!  

(Sheep cheese sample from Andante Dairy)

ballet time!

Missy Adiego