Tired Work Smiles!

This past week has been one of those super busy weeks.  I seem to be packing each day with things to do, housework, kid activities and work.  We had a chance to get the family together for papa carls birthday out at the beach house in bodega bay!  Mom had her first chemo treatment and we got together the day after.  She is doing amazingly well (due to the circumstances) she has has a few rough days but always seems to stay positive and say "this is a battle, one I have to fight" We are all so proud of her!  The girls enjoyed their cuzzy time, which we had an extra bonus cuzzy time with a trip to the Oakland zoo complete with super hot summer weather. (90 degrees). We left with some rosy red cheeks and lots of smiles! Makes for a great day!  I have had a super busy week full of riding, yard work, and Haverton work. The day the girls were at grandmas, I worked all day, rode, and did all my yard work all in one day.  Joe and I finally came in the house @ 8:30.  I came out of the shower and said.  I feel like a true country girl.  You know when you can barely take a shower due to your tiredness my day was one of those complete with again weeds and grass in my hair and spurs still on my boots :(  I seriously need one of those weed eaters!  Avery and I head out of town this week for our girly trip to New York.  So excited for a little one on one time and to see family!! Going to miss my Hadley and hope Daddy survives his Daddy time!
On the farm....well it is crazy.  Our two puppies decided to wander off again (I thought the would be fine and let them loose...oops)  well three days later and Joes 4 wheeler search, they turned up at a very nice neighbor of ours.  The next day Marley ended up on their porch.  So glad we have great neighbors!  So back on the ropes they go.  My lesson learned. Don't let them both off at once (double trouble).  The lambs are still arriving and in threes.  We had three sets of triplets in two days!  I decided to try some homemade sheep yogurt this week for the girls (who eat me out of house and home when it comes to yogurt)  Well it was a process and fun one. (once I got Joe from chiming in his opinion over my shoulder) I also made some homemade strawberry ice cream, since we are having a heat wave!!  So fun to use some of our own milk for homemade products. The ram field got new feeder gates installed so we now have a place for their hay and grain. Glad we got a little project done in between lambing and milking.  Seems to be the theme around here.  Lots more tired work and smiles to come!

Missy Adiego