Projects and Play!!

Well spring break week comes to a close.  Our week was filled with lots of play and projects.  We got a chance to head to Discovery Museum in Sausalito.  The kids all had a great time and so much fun we met up with some school moms and friends Avery brought her best friend Savannah along (so cute to see them all have so much fun together)  Hadley really enjoyed all the hands on play, especially the water play! Speaking of Hadley, my strong willed very independent two year old.  Those of you who drove by might have almost had a child for sale on our road today.  I spent a whole hour of tantrum/tears and explaining why we listen.  Over what?  Some pancakes she dropped on the floor.  Oh how I forgot how just a simple task can be life ending to a two year old.  Well after that hour of a joyous motherly moments.....she finally picked up the pancake and put her plate in the sink.  So I ended up not putting a child up for sale on our road.  We ended up having a great day and no other tantrums.  Avery, Joe and Hadley also decided to start a house project, Oreos new sheep barn.  Yes....I had a pin board for it of course.   I had a vision and showed Joe as he rolled his eyes @ my pin board telling me it was over the top.  Again our visions....quite different (when it comes to the house area anyways)  Lucky for me Avery had her vision and it is turning our quite cute. ( I gave her free rein)  The girls even pitched in and worked...after half the day of play.  Joe kept asking the girls why aren't you helping more, as they are playing on the trampoline?  There reply...we are taking a break dad!  The barn looks great, now I have to paint before the trim and windows are finished.  I wonder if those windows will get trimmed ; )
The lambs are still arriving and arriving fast.  We are now back to milking 300 ewes and have lots and lots of babies. So everyone is keeping quite busy around the farm and in the parlor.  It is so fun to watch them first learn their new legs and then to play around with the other lambs.  The cleanup on the farm and new projects continue.  The sheep are now getting Almond Hulls and are loving them. We are excited to have a sheep nutrition specialist coming from Idaho in May.   We are looking forward to a new and improved feed regimen for all our sheep! Our new farm stamp also arrived that I ordered for the restaurant lamb tags.  I am still waiting on our new hanging tags, but loving the logo and stamp.  So fun to have things start to really come together.  Looking forward to new projects, babies and lots of exciting things to come!

Missy Adiego