Project Time

So this weekend was filled with lots of projects.  I seemed to have just rearranged the house, but Joe was swamped with his farm list and honey do list.  Joe usually is the one cooking dinner always complaining about the lighting. That there is not enough in the kitchen, especially lately.  The other day he says What's pulled out thawing for dinner?  My reply is ground beef.  So I nicely say tacos or meatloaf,  and he laughs.  I am not sure why he was laughing I didn't think dinner was a joke.  I am already in a bad mood. I do not do well with cooking. Baking sweets are more my cup of tea!  So he kindly suggests "can't you make something else besides meatloaf or tacos, we always have that".  Seriously that is like saying you look ugly today! So off to work he goes, I decide to take matters into my own hands and show him.  I decide to make homemade meatball subs (yes...homemade, and in my book way to much work and seriously the simple meatballs took me a whole hour to make)  Well happy Joe came is shocked and had to eat his words, the girls loved it and everyone was happy.  Except me, I think Joe had a case of the husband guilt and what better to do than take me shopping.  No not Nordstroms, he is not that romantic.  Off with the family we go to Lowe's.  Yes Lowe's, you know I am a farm girl when I don't mind shopping at Lowe's now. He on the drive nicely tells me that we will get new lighting for the kitchen, then nicely suggests can lights, or maybe one of those big florescent lights (the ones people now take out of houses and automatically date your house to 1984 yes those)  Oh yes, and he is serious.  So I say well lets just look and see.  So without to many marital spats in Lowe's we decided on a hanging light above the table with plenty of light, and minor electrical and ceiling work to be done!  Looks great, and BRIGHT!  Mammie (grandma sally) also managed to come have a farm day ( she was fully prepared strolling into my house with her grandma jeans rolled up and socks showing)  I guess she knew she wasn't coming to the horse barn with brick paver alleyways. (Although that is my picture in my head, or stamped concrete) She got a complete tour from the girls and I, as well as getting to meat Dumbo and Oreo.
The farm has been super super busy this weekend with more lambs arriving, and projects.  Joe and Tony worked all weekend on the new small cow parlor that is in the milk barn.  They are working hard on installing new equipment and a bunch or other stuff.  ( it just looks messy now with a bunch of stainless steel around) So I will have more detailed info once I know what they are doing. The milking ewes and pregnant sheep are going to have a spa day this week complete with feet trimming and shearing. So busy days ahead and lots more to come!

Showing Mammie Dumbo!

Our little lamb of the day

One of your expecting ewes

not sure who is enjoying the story more Zoey or Hadley

Missy Adiego