Pool Time and Piglets!

Well we finished off the weekend enjoying some family time at grandmas and papas enjoying our heat wave and the swimming pool.  Well the girls and Angelina (their cute little babysitter) were the only ones brave enough to get in the cold water.  The rest of us sat on the sidelines and had a fun filled family day.  That day also marked the day of Joe cutting his hair.  Yes....FINALLY.  He has been on this kick to grow his hair out.  In my opinion he has spent the last few months looking more like a muppet.  So a few pictures of himself on my blog (he finally decided to read) a decision was made. He did look half muppet half man. So off came the hair.  My husband is back, just like the day we got married.  Avery thought he looked just like a prince! Heck, whatever it takes to keep that hair maintained, so if we all have to call him prince we will :) The girls and I also got a chance to have a beach day with grandma Lori, filled with relaxing naps,chatting and Monks bread (for all of you east coasters you know...best toast bread ever)!  
At the farm things are still as busy as ever.  We have had 523 lambs since December. Oh my! I can't believe we have had that many babies and more coming!  They grow so fast and most of them are already outside bouncing around! This week at the farm we had a surprise of 7...7 little piglets.  We have been waiting and waiting (well I should say the girls have)  I myself have a hard time bonding with pigs, part of the farm life adjusting!  Well sure enough the girls beg to go see if the pig has had piglets and sure enough she had one.  Well 1 turned into 7.  So with super excited little girls, 7 little piglets, a little pig poop there are some happy kids around the farm.  Lambs, piglets, a pony!  What a life. Well I think piglets (my rule again if I see it I can't eat it)  So as I stare at these little piglets, all I see is the Olivia cartoon and striped tights and a cute little piggy!  So back to the marital battles...what are we going to do with 7 piglets?  I might be putting giant bows on these little ones and delivering presents to my favorite 7 people, maybe one of you will be the chosen one :)  So lots more projects, smiles and stories to come!

Fruit plate time!

Well if there are now pushers...push yourself!

Watching papa clean the pool

Newly weaned lambs

A little piglet poop

This is Olivia (the cartoon piglet)

Missy Adiego