Photo Stories and Pony Stories!

Well ever since Fritz left seems that Kingsley has been getting his share of attention.  The girls have been spending hours on end with him now grooming, feeding, taking him for walks.  Avery decided the other night after he was all blanketed and fed to take him for a walk.  So off she goes Hadley a few steps behind we all head down to the barn, through all the barns he goes. Then she says "oh, he needs to go meet Oreo and Dumbo"  So off they go to the lamb barn and nursery pulling Kingsley right behind.  Well today after school they insisted he needs to have his lunch grass.  So out of his pen he comes.  The girls today realized ponies will be ponies and grass is like gold.  They tried and tried and tried to get him to move from his one section of grass.  They pulled and pulled....and pulled.  No luck, so down they both sat and read him stories.  So not only do we have photo stories we have pony stories.  All the while I am behind the camera smiling and laughing at how funny kids are especially with a pony.  I have to add what a good pony too, he loves the girls is as good as they get manner wise, besides the not moving from grass !  More to come!

Missy Adiego