New York Trip (Part One)

So girls trip begins, (minus Hadley) she got to have a Daddy fun filled weekend.  We figured for a weekend trip flying with a two year old (expense and time adjustment it is best she stays home this year) That way I also get some one on one Avery time since she I am usually home wiht just Hadley.  Having a bit of mom guilt can you tell?  I have never left either of the girls this long, I almost cried when I skyped Hadley and Joe....then I thought poor Hadley, she would be so confused mom crying like a baby when she is jumping around daddy laughing.  (glad they really missed me so much. I don't think they are minding a project free, wifeless nagging, I am sure messy house weekend). Anyhow Avery and I flew the redeye and managed to sleep the whole time.  Amazing how easy traveling with a pretty self sufficent 4 year old is.  I was on VACATION!  We were so excited to arrive Avery ran through the airport to greet Grandma Stephanie and Papa.  We enjoyed our first day resting and catching up on some sleep and the time change.  Avery and Grandma managed to play every board game in the house. Our second day was a busy one and filled with and early rise and a visit to the Rochester farmers market.  Amazing how busy that farmers market was.  At 9 am and 42 degrees it was packed.  We managed to grab some local goodies to try on our trip here.  Then we hit up the local antique co op.  Ahh...I can't describe my feeling for the price of antiques back east.  AMAZING deals!  Next time I am getting a U Haul and some girlfriends and doing a full fledge picker sister trip! ( Have to watch that show, it's awesome)  I managed to snag an awesome vintage linen, hard to pack furniture :) Avery on the other hand managed to get papa and grandma get her a antique dollhouse.  (right up my alley a fixer)  Papa is going to spruce it up while grandma shops for some furniture then hopefully it will make its way to California.  We also took a stroll through Pittsford where papa and grandma live. Such a cute little town filled with mostly orginal buildings restored with local shops! We also took drive to see some local farms and houses (all with manicured lawns and american flags on the porch)  SO so nice to see my vision of a farm a reality all around back here.  I bet Joe can't wait for his honey do list when I get home and this is only part one.  Lots more and part two to come!

Missy Adiego