Marital Spats...and a little sheep pen!

So ever since the girls decided they wanted to keep Oreo, Joe and I have been going back and forth.  The last thing we need is another pet.  Well he was out voted and that is when that cute little black and white sheep became "Oreo".  Well Oreo of course had to come up to the house area.  Well we decided he should go in the garden area from last year seeing that it is already fenced.  My thoughts...perfect place that way there is no way Joe can construct his plastic greenhouse (i am hoping he has forgotten about)  So I pinned away...thanks to my little addiction and all those great little ideas.  I had a picture in my head.  Well again quite different from Joes.  We bickered back and forth about this little sheep shed, Joe letting me know how over the top I am for wanting flowers on a little sheep barn. Well Avery seemed to agree that little sheep shed needed windows and flowers.  (lucky for me she already has cute taste) Otherwise I might have had a tin sheep pen  in my side yard. So after week of nagging and  a day of work Joe had the shed built.  Oreo and #108 are happy and living the high life in their new little pen.  I swear that sheep shed took me as long to paint it as it did to build it.  I decided to forget the flower box idea.  I was over painting...and I might just be pushing my luck with Joe.  Who the whole day each cut of wood, every nail hammered  Joe saying this is so crazy for a little sheep. So after a few marital design fights and a few tears on my end (he had to understand you see it from the road. It has to be cute) who wants to drive by a cute little sheep and an ugly little barn?  Not me! I have learned a lesson in all of these house projects, that bargaining is a big key in a marriage.  Yes, who bargains right?  ME...I said you finish the shed I will cook dinner!  You help paint, I will help move the sheep for you!  Well my friends.... I am sure that is a big no no in all those self help marriage books.  I find it the key to success!  So sheep shed project complete on to the next house project!
The farm has been busy with lots of milking.  We are now milking 420 ewes.  Yes, that is a whole lot of sheep milk. Lambing still hasn't slowed down and have another 80 ewes expected to lamb within a few weeks.  The guys have been busy rotating pastures and moving groups of sheep around seeing that all our milkers no longer fit in one barn.  We have had a few issues with two of our puppies (Santa and Marley)  they seem to wander down the road and visit neighbors, or sun themselves in the road, or gracefully walk through our landlords garden)  We were wondering why they are wandering so bad come to find out we have some friendly neighbors that are feeding them fresh meat and cheeses!  Yes just what they need. So for now we have to tie them up until they learn not to wander with roads (especially our busy fast traveled road). So for now the busy days continue, lots more projects and lambs, and sheep milk!

Missy Adiego