Holiday Prep and Lambs!

Easter is one of my favorite holidays.  I am not sure why maybe all the fun girly pastel colors and candy!! I am a sucker for candy and everyone knows the Easter bunny always brings candy.  Well I have been prepping for Easter Sunday with lots of baking and some cooking.  Yes we are having lamb...which you all know is off limits to me so Joe was in charge of the lamb for tomorrow.  I managed the easy stuff.  A potato dish from Joes Aunt Dorene a favorite she made a few years back and I am obsessed with.  So I made that for brunch!  I also tackled some super yummy fudge brownies and some homemade sheep milk vanilla bean gelato.  I mess around with lots of sheep milk desserts, since I am a dessert girl.  I have made some gelato before but not with sheep milk and let me just say amazing.  I have a new favorite.  I even had some.  So excited to use some of our own products for family events, makes it so fun.  All while prepping for Easter Hadley of course came down with a little cold so that put Grandma Jolene in charge of Averys preschool.  I saw pictures and let me just say these moms throw some amazing preschool parties.  Poor Avery is not going to know what hit her in kindergarten and the parties are just normal :) The girls also got to enjoy the annual Arntz Easter party with Grandma Jolene and Papa Tony.  They came home with rosey red cheeks, and huge Easter baskets.  Lucky girls, judging by their conversation it was one good time!  
The farm has been busy...when is it not.  We are still lambing and had a total of 8 lambs just yesterday.  I have to check the lamb count but there are a bunch.  That bunch I might add is pretty cute!  The lambs are doing great on the Jersey cow milk.  So I guess the cows are staying.  Now we have to have happy cows and happy lambs! Projects and winter cleanup is continuing around the farm.  Sheep are being wormed and rotated this week.  Lots more farm projects, yummy food, and a family Easter to come!

Missy Adiego