Family Bonding

Now that the girls are getting bigger and Joe and I are busier and busier, we try to take the girls one on one and spend time with them, then meet up for family dinner at night. They usually like to just tote around with us one on one doing the normal things we do day to day.  Feed lambs, bake cookies, laundry, help clean, help move sheep.  Now that things have settled down with my mom I got back to riding on a normal schedule again.  That is one of the things Avery likes to go do with me.  She seems to really have fun just watching...and taking pictures.  I let her use my camera or  phone.  A big 4 year old privilege, so I get home today again to realize I have 250 pictures of a few hours of riding.  She has decided she wants to really start to ride her pony so we got all her gear organized and she is all ready to learn.  Once the ground drys up a bit at home she will be good to go.  I do think she just automatically thinks you can just canter around and jump.  Not sure if she really knows steering, stopping and turning are involved.   We shall see, good thing we have a great little pony to start on!  Hadley has been doing great...we had a rough week last week.  The type of week that you question your sanity.  I swear I felt like I had that red headed little boy from problem child.  Minus the house fires of course, but it was that crazy.  In to everything, running around not listening, lots of timeouts, lots of mommy explaining why you can't be naughty. Avery also got in on the not listening and had a few timeouts of her own. One of those  type weeks I wish I had a 8-5 job with great pay :) Well a little regrouping with both girls, and working on listening skills we are back to normal, well our normal.This weekend and start to the week have been great and we are back to little ladies. It is only Monday though!
The shearing started today at the farm.  There is quite a bit of wool.  I took my photo this morning and they had just started.  Joe even got to learn to shear and did 25 of his own today!  He was so proud.  My reply, well how many did the other guys do?  He says around 120.  I had to chuckle, the poor guy could barely walk.  I do not think sheep shearing is in his future unless necessary!  The sheep loved getting their wool off and the milk ewes even played in pasture.  They do look a bit awkward when they first get all their wool shaved off but so so clean and white.  More shearing tomorrow, and more projects pictures, polite little ladies, and riding to come!

Missy Adiego