Spring Lambs and Projects!

So the last few days have been super busy on the farm. We have started to have lambs again.  There seems to be a new one each day.  We 5 new babies in the barn and 3 new mamas.  So the quiet empty lambing pens that were full a few months ago are now going to be full again with lots of new additions.   Projects are also starting back up.  We are re doing our sheep corral/runs that we had made.  We realized we needs a few more bigger pens instead of runs.  I had to laugh..Joe makes fun of me for re arranging furniture and changing house things, so when I stroll down to the barn and he is doing the same thing (his version), I don't feel bad at all.  The cows we now have, are finally all named thanks to everyone who gave suggestions. We narrowed it down and now have 4 Jersey milkers...Mable, Ollie, Elsie, and  Belle.  WHO would have ever thought I would have to name 4 cows.  I am feeling a long way from Nordstrom.  I am not sure if I can handle the farm life on top of the mom years. Yikes that vision is scary, good thing I am still obsessed with clothes, shopping and my favorite stores! Joe has been also working on a new cow parlor for the cows so that is keeping him even busier than normal.  Our sheep are still milking great and the lambs growing like crazy.  Oreo is almost ready to come up to the house.  Avery asks Joe every day when he can build Oreos pen....she has a rude awakening if it is anything like my windows.  Lets hope it gets done within a year. So lots of new projects, babies and lots of lots of milk to come!

Missy Adiego