Photo Stories

I am a bit obsessed with the camera and taking pictures.  I usually am toting a few steps behind or ahead of my family capturing the special moments.  Even though Joe insists I am a bit annoying, not like his opinion matters.  He has his annoying moments as well.  Although he did manage to finally squeeze in  a house project.  One of our light switches was loose and you couldn't turn off the living room light without a fight.  Well a few nights Joe turned off lights he decided to swap out the light switch after I nicely nagged him a bit for not doing house projects.  Seriously does he want me to do electrical now?  Well...possibly.  So he quickly replaced the switch without much complaining, not his normal nature.  I was thinking wow, that was pleasant and easy.  Well last night I go to flick on the porch light switch with my newly installed nice light switch to find out when you now turn on the porch light the living room light comes on also.  Not sure if it was a mistake of sick joke or a 2 for 1 deal. So now at night the house lights up great all on one switch :)  My mom also arrived home from the hospital and is on the mend, she has amazing strength and is doing great...and looks amazing. My grandma (mammie) also came into town to help out with care and visit.  Avery and I decided to take a trip to the airport to pick her up.  Well 5 1/2 hours from leaving my house to getting home.  The trip was quite long since the SFO airport is only and hour away. Have to love California traffic. We have been enjoying family time with lots of cuzzy play time and laughs.  The girls have been doing great and having a blast living enjoying the country life mud puddles, cows and all. I have come to realize all those pictures do tell a story, and oh what fun mud puddles are!
At the farm we are still lambing.  The nursery seems to be filling fast.  We are still super happy with our production and loving our milk meters.  It is so nice to see daily stats on each ewe and know exactly what they are producing.  The farm also got great news this week. Our lamb will now be in restaurants.  You will soon find it on the menus of The French Laundry in Yountville, and Plum in Oakland.  A few weeks ago Joe had a big tour with 6 chefs and the butcher from The French Laundry.  He was so nervous, excited and not sure what to expect.  We hadn't really thought about selling our lamb we were taking it one step at a time. Things kind of fell in place. The farm tours, and lamb sampling went well.  We never would have thought about having our lamb in restaurants let alone The French Laundry.  So we are super excited, now Joe will have to deal with a bit more wife nagging on the farm and still try to make that picture in my head a reality.  Lots more to come!

Missy Adiego