Perma Smiles!

So again it has been a super busy week, actually month.  I looked at the date today and thought what...March 18th.  Crazy how time goes by so fast. We enjoyed our St. Patrick's day celebrating Friday @ Averys preschool for a little party.  Can I just say how cute these moms do the parties down to every little detail.  Awesome job. Avery and I also had a chance to have girls night in Windsor with my girlfriends...complete with girl chat a yummy dinner, and wii dance party.  Can I just say Avery could handle her own.  I had a blast and I found myself with my own perma smile and sore legs from dancing to Kriss Kross (throwback). On Saturday we celebrated Laylas 3rd birthday at six flags.  Well can I just tell you how much fun we had.  The kids hnd perma smiles all day no tantrums or tears just plain smiles, even Landon cruised around the whole day.  Joe even managed to take a break from work and have a day of fun...he managed to even have a perma smile. and ride some kiddy rides. Well now that St. Paddy's is over the girls and I decorated the house for Easter.  It is one of my favorite holidays, so we had a ton of fun decorating.  House projects were minimal due to all the rain we had...I swear if I had a kayak I could kayak down the hill and down the creek all the way to the town of Bloomfield.  SO...if you see me heading down the creek next rain don't worry it looks quite fun ;)  Two toddlers, tons of rain in a small house I am lucky you didn't see me heading down creek last week!
On the farm front our logo is now finished and looks amazing.  We are so so excited how it came out and that the sheep in our logo is one of our very own sheep.  Joe and I had a chance to visit Third Bay Letterpress and get to see our business cards be printed and color tested. Oh and can I add color testing...we just had to confirm the color.  Well Joe "It doesn't matter you pick"  His famous so not a "it doesn't matter" person.  I have come to realize he has a opinion about everything, I mean everything.  Well after a few samples he picked his favorite and done.  Such a neat process to watch, and the detail is amazing.  We have been super busy milking 235 sheep, and are expected to have lambs in a few weeks. Our last batch of phase 1 lambs are almost off formula and on to creep feed. Good thing since all those lamb pens will be full again with new babies. So lots more projects, milking, and lambs to come!

Missy Adiego