The little things

The last few days have been filled with the little things that make me smile.  The girls have been great and been enjoying our every moment together.  We have made playdough, crafts, and some banners.  Avery is still dancing and loving it...although mommy seems a bit bored (the teacher could have a bit more pep in her step)  so I do notice Aves wandering off to dreamland here and there.  Hadley has been keeping busy and talking a ton more, so fun to really hear her talk and sentences come together. I have been enjoying my special time on my morning mom walks with her, makes me realize how fast she has grown up and how precious each little minute is.  Oh an those morning walks have turned into little mom workouts in the park. I have had my fair share of soreness this week (its been hard to tie my shoes) loving my workouts and the mom chatting. We also have been talking a  lot to the girls (Avery especially) about Grandma Lori and what is ahead for her.  My mom sent us a great little book about cancer for kids and it was a tremendous help. Although a bit confusing when we went to visit grandma and Avery wasn't sure why her hair was still there?  My mom heads in for her surgery tomorrow.  It is supposed to be a long surgery 5 hours total to remove her  3 cancerous tumors along with her spleen.  We have a tough road ahead and so grateful we have such a great close knit family who all come together especially at times like these.  I am so lucky to have Joe who has been so supportive and understanding everyday for all his girls. (well he did manage to bring home COWS... to add to the mix so read farm updates)
On the farm front we now have cows...yes I know I am not even sure where to start on this.  I did almost cry as they hoped off the trailer letting their manure fly freely on our clean alleyways. I never...NEVER thought we would have cows.  Cows are great, just not in our barn.  Well guess I have to shut my mouth now.  That or find a new place to live.  All I have to say is my windows better get trimmed!  Well it was a business decision...that was Joes angle.  Well now we have to have a cow milking area (our visions again not the same) so we shall see. We now currently use powdered lamb formula, which is time consuming and not very cost effective when feeding 300 lambs.  We know a few commercial sheep producers who use raw whole jersey milk. We have done our research and hoping that our 4 new additions fresh milk provide our little lambs with their daily nutrition. Our new website is also up and running.  We have a few additions to make later but it seems to be much easier to navigate over the old one.  We are still waiting on lambs and brought a group of ewes home that are close to lambing.  So lots more to come...I have some adjusting to do, and a few marital spats in my future!  Prayers for my mom and an update soon!

Missy Adiego