Fast Times

Well I seem to be having a hard time to blog lately.  Although I admit I do miss it since it is sort of a way to vent. Joe only reads some posts :)  The last few weeks have started to pick up both on the farm and socially.  On the home front, the girls have been great.  Hadley has been growing up so fast I have really been enjoying my new morning walks with some of the moms from preschool and the other little ones.  Although after my second walk I came to realization of how out of shape I was, but loving the new routine and really starting to utilize my time better. The girls also got to enjoy a  few cuzzy days. One at Snowbunny eating their share of papa and grandmas frozen yogurt with all sorts of toppings. Avery started her first dance class this week, and absolutely loved it.  She was so serious and quite good.  I didn't think she would be much of a dancer. Although who am I kidding its in her blood.  Hadley also participated on the floor and enjoyed watching from the sidelines and clapping and waving to her sister.  My mom did well not jumping on the stage (after being a professional cheerleader and dance teacher for twenty years that was a challenge) she did manage to fit in a quick fix it lesson after! Joe and I have come to a compromise on the greenhouse issue.  Thanks to Avery for insisting Oreos house go where the future greenhouse should go. He is going to make a little 2x2 starter one (hideable) so I was ok with that.  Although deep down I am still hoping that he will be to busy to do that ;)  I also am hoping none of my neighbors read this seeing as driving home I realize that every single one of them has a form of a greenhouse on our road. On a sad note it has been a very difficult emotional week.  My family learned that my moms ovarian cancer is in fact back and she will be needing possible surgery and another full round of chemotherapy.  Lucky for us we are blessed with a very strong mom who always stays positive to keep her fighting.  We all have a long road ahead of us and are cherishing every second of every day.  It has been a week full of tears, laughter and more tears, oh and a shopping trip to Ikea.  Thanks to everyone for putting up with my on and off tears!
On the farm front it has been a busy week of projects.  We had lots of farm tours and visitors.  Our third group of ewes are now being bred.  We poured a new concrete foot bath in our working area for all of our sheep.  We figured it would be a much easier way to have a permanent one.  We also poured a new concrete floor in our lamb working area.  I have to admit I wish I had abundance of concrete, it makes the place so clean and fresh. The barn by our house had another bay was cleaned out from the previous renters of leftover garbage.  We are hoping to have a nice clean 4 bay barn soon with some organization for tools, storage etc.  All the lambs are doing well and another group  get weaned off milk next week and join the other groups outside.  Our new logo is in the final phase. Joe and I had a hard time finalizing it seeing that we liked them all.  Huge thanks to Third Bay Letterpress in Petaluma.  Lots more farm projects, pictures, and stories to come!

Missy Adiego