Emotional Days!

So the last week has been a tough one.  It is amazing how strong and positive you can be trucking along then all the sudden it all falls apart.  My mom went in for her second major surgery (three years ago she underwent a double mastectomy, lumpectomy, as well as a hysterectomy)  Now three years later another major surgery.   Well after a 5 hour surgery, everything went well and on the mend she is.  She has one month to re coup and heal before her chemotherapy starts.  I have to say it is one of the hardest things I have ever had to experience a parent in pain and going through such a rough time.  It always amazing me how strong she stays and what a positive influence she is. Wishing I could do the same, but my days seem to be filled with laughter, smiles followed by tears.  Wishing and hoping that all of this will just go away. So lots of hospital trips and prayers still.  I have learned to be hopeful and cherish every moment.  The girls playing in the mud puddles made me stop and think this is what life is about enjoying the moments, and surround yourself with people who matter.  The girls have been full of laughter which is always great to see. They have had a fun filled week with lots of daddy time.  One of our new cows had a baby...yes so that makes 5 although he won't be staying. Seeing that Avery named him Dumbo ( I will not be around when Joe tell her his is leaving). Speaking of leaving, we sold our black pony Fritz.  He just isn't getting enough attention from the girls.  They seem to both share Kingsley so they have decided to both ride him, so Fritz can go to a new home with other little kids and be spoiled rotten. I am also going to start riding a new horse for a project and she will be going back and forth between my house and her home, so I figured it would be a bit less having two horses/ponies vs 3.  Although Fritz has not left yet he is here for a few weeks we are enjoying all our special time with him.
On the farm end.  We are back to rainy weather, which means lambs.  We had our first set of twins in our phase 2 group of pregnant ewes.  The projects this week were animal projects.  Foot baths, regrouping sheep and pasture rotating. So lots of good thoughts for my mom.  Thanks to everyone for all the nice notes, emails and well wishes.  They are all appreciated so so much! Lots more farm stories and updates to come!

Missy Adiego