The Solo Life

So Joe has been gone this past week @ the farm show, he left Sunday night and returns home tonight.  I thought for sure I would not know what to do with him gone.......well that only lasted a few minutes.  I realized living a solo life isn't so bad.  My house stayed clean, no one complained about dinner, the girls and I enjoyed quiet time at night and bedtimes were early.  I enjoyed my solo time at night catching up on my blog reading and spending hours on pinterest!  I also am trying to get back to my normal riding schedule.  Avery decided to go with me to ride (even put on her paddock boots thinking she was going to ride the big horses) come to realize that she thinks Fancy (all white Hanoverian mare) looks just like the horse from Tangled.  So great ride I had complete with some tail braiding after to really make Fancy look Fancy (Avery insisted).  This  I got the letter to register Avery for Kindergarten amazing how time goes by so fast, I can't believe she is going to be in Kindergarten next year.  This means I am even closer to needing botox.  She also had a firehouse field trip with the school which she looked like she had a blast.  (Thanks Jackie for the picture of her)  Hadley has had  a great week.  I spent my first day of the week crying to my mom our whole drive to Oakland on how I need to get her in gear etc etc that I have a tough time with her and get mom always seems to know what to say to make everything alright.  So with a new mom attitude on deck, Hadley had an amazing week, great manners, no hitting (yes we had a hitter and occasional biter on our hands)  so hoping this new phase keeps positive.  I also took her to UCSF dermatology for her skin eczema. She has it horrible to the point she bleeds.  So armed with a new diagnosis and medicine her eczema cleared right up and seems to be at bay, so she is a much happier toddler!
The farm has been quite busy with Joe gone and we are minus a worker a few weeks due to a car accident.  The guys have been working overtime and busting their butts cleaning up the farm for our Cornell visit tomorrow. We still haven't had anymore lambs for a week now which is so nice being able to catch up with other things before the next lambing phase starts. The guys also finished the working shoot fence so it is complete (minus the white paint) my project for tomorrow morning. So successful week with Joe gone, so excited to have him coming home and so appreciate all the daddy, husband help he gives me.  I am a lucky lady (next weeks blog might sing a different tune once he walks around my house with dirty boots) more stories, pics and farm visits to come!

my little valentines

school firehouse field trip

vista point san francisco

farm fresh and lots of them

all excited to watch mommy ride

one dirty pony

pony bath day

all clean and enjoying the sunshine

back off Kingsley

Almost finished working area


miss curious

trying to go visit Oreo they couldn't open his gate so why not climb pens?

Missy Adiego