Sheep Checkups, and New Schedules

It has become routine every night when Joe gets home the girls want to meet him down at the barn and they do a nightly check of all the sheep.  Yes they walk through all the groups of sheep (which is quite a few groups)  They check all of them to make sure they look right and are all healthy.  The girls even pack their tissues in case some have runny noses.  They can catch ammonia pretty easy with our cold nights and warm days.  The girls also make sure all the puppies are fed and doing well also.  As soon as Joe turns around they get their play time in with them also. All our lambs are growing great and we are super happy with this years progress. Now seeing that we have milk meters that take a milk production reading at each milking we decided to do a two week trial milking three times a day.  Our first day went well and the milking ewes were more than happy to run in the parlor and have some more grain one extra time and did not have a drop in production.  Some studies have been done on this but somewhat inconclusive with sheep, so we shall see what our two week trial brings.  The projects on the farm have slowed down again due to schedule changes and 3x/day milking.  On the house front....projects have slowed down also.  Although the weather has been amazing 70 degrees in February.  So I couldn't help myself and weeded gardens, planted flowers, mowed, and weed whacked.  Yes I do have my days where I think I get a bit too country. So when Joe comes home he asks why are you covered in grass?  My response well if I wait for him to do it we would live in a house of grass and untrimmed windows (get my drift) so I still am holding out hope he catches on when a girl asks for something to be done it doesn't mean can you week month?  It means now.  So one of these days someone will drive by and I will probably be out there trimming my windows :)  So more great weather, sheep nights and projects to come.

Missy Adiego