His and Hers

So everyone who reads my blog knows I keep it honest.  Well back to the marital green house battle.  I figured I should hear Joe out.  So outside we go I sit myself down in the middle of the garden pen where he insists we put the greenhouse.  He tells me his vision and says it would be pretty big (well you all know our house isn't massive) So now I am picturing it the size of my house.  He then proceeds to say that it is plastic.  WHAT.........wait what plastic?  Yes not my vision at all, so my listening was over and my point still as firm as ever. Not that there is anything wrong with greenhouses (although I seem to be disliking them as I write this) I just don't prefer a pvc/plastic one in my side yard.  Does he realize I just tromped through pricker bushes to paint the backside of the chicken coop because you see it from the road?  Now he would like to put up a house size plastic/pvc greenhouse.  Well I decide to go on to pinterest to come up with options...well the pictures will explain our views his and hers, and yes Joe did see the pictures as well.  So gave us both a laugh, made us realize we have to find a middle ground, and that middle ground still unfound!  More to come.



his again

an option?

Missy Adiego