Farm Chic Chickens

So when Joe and I first moved on the ranch we were in a major rush to re do and renovate the whole house.  There already was a chicken coop to the side of the house set up for chickens, but I think housed some goats, it was hard to tell what it was used for with all the old garbage, wire in the ground, old sweatshirts buried in the mud (you get my picture)  it was awful.  The wood was left as is from when it was built no treatment or paint at all.  So once the house was done and we moved in, just to be able to look @ the coop I threw a coat of paint on it.  Well it looked fine but didn't match the house and I never got around to painting the back of it, so for all of you that drive by notice the old ugly wood (sorry)  so I tackled that project today.  I painted it to match the house along with new chicken ramps and new coop sign.  Looks so much better, now I just need to put up the fresh egg sign and have the hubby build some shutters, doors or little awnings ( not sure yet)  Trust me its not like Joe is anxiously awaiting in the gates to give the chickens awnings....lets not forget my window still isn't trimmed. Speaking of Joe he finally got around to installing the playroom outdoor light, yes even without me begging! So nice to have a actual light vs just a light bulb!  Yes again that is how it was just a plain old light bulb!  Not my style!  So super busy day on the house front very happy to get a project done, we now have some happy chickens with a farm chic chicken coop!
On the farm front we are super busy as usual.  We are now milking 211 ewes, lamb count.....LOTS....LOTS.     The milking sheep are now being grazed on our silage pasture during the day. They sure seem content with all the greenery around them, they had a nice winter day grazing and napping.  Joe also has a new project half complete.  We are now going to use the holding pen as a working shoot vs our portable runs (which we usually use)  He customized an enter-exit gate that works off of tethers to lift and drop the enter-exit as the guys need, or just stay open or closed.  This will allow us to work sheep faster and more efficiently. We also had visitors from Germany here who own and operate their own sheep dairy.  So neat to have people visit and especially from other countries. So very productive weekend on the farm, and lots more to come!

coop when I first painted it this summer

sign for above the nesting boxes

progress on the new ramps

the hubs in action

yay playroom all done...just minus some flowers

the new working shoot soon to be two alley ways

some winter flowers for the barn

shoot gates (enter +exit)

a demonstration from Joe

some of the milk sheep first day grazing the silage field

miss ellie

our other group out grazing

chicken coop after (much more fun) the girls love it

the rear of the coop finally painted and stained

even Kingsley and Fritz enjoyed the winter weather

not happy about going back in the dirt pen after grazing all day!
Missy Adiego