Family Time!

So the sick bug struck again...(yes again) I honestly think I have the immune system of a preschooler.  I didn't have a chance to get my flu shot, and then I actually kind of forgot about it.  Well sure enough I got the flu.  Lucky for me my mother in law was able to help out Joe in watching the girls for the morning then they had a full on daddy day.  Good thing, because I am not sure what I would have done I was down and out.  So I actually spent the whole day in bed, sleeping with a husband and kid free home.  Amazing how much rest can do, I seemed to get better pretty quick.  Speaking of daddy time Joe and I sat down the other night to do scheduling for the farm and I mandated that he take a day a week of for family time.  We usually have hours here and there with dinners, and his weekend breakfasts for the girls of course. Well it seemed like that time was getting smaller and smaller and we would all be out feeding lambs etc.  So I am loving the new schedule so far.  Amazing what another parent will do the girls have been wonderful (well mostly) and really enjoyed the quality family time. We have enjoyed a weekend full of family time, Joe and I also squeezed in a little date night.  We had Averys preschool fundraiser crab feed we helped out with and attended.  Such a fun little school with great parents and kids.  House projects are still the same (nothing done this week) although Joe asked what he should do...Ummm hello he obviously doesn't read my blog.  Windows.....MY WINDOWS.  He also mentioned under his breath he is going to put up a greenhouse.  Oh yes that is right. Greenhouse.  I don't think so.  Where I ask?  Well his reply where Oreos new house is going to be built.  So I have a vision flash of an ugly hippie style greenhouse, and my cute little sheep shed with a dutch door painted to match my house disappeared.  Well I foresee a marital spat ahead.  If anyone drives by and sees a green house in my yard please feel free to (floor it) and run it over.  I will have to find another home besides my side yard.  I mean honestly I think he enjoys coming up with these crazy ideas...We are right back to puffy recliners, Christmas lights in July.  Get my drift.  So we shall see.
On the farm front we stopped milking 3x day already. One week was plenty.  The amount of extra milk we were getting did not compensate for our operating costs.  So back to normal schedule (much easier also)  We had our second group of ewes ultrasounded.  We had 356 ultrasounded and 284 were confirmed pregnant.  So great news there.  We should be lambing in a few months again with lots and lots of new lambs to arrive. So lots more family time, little giggles, sheep news, and hopefully NOT a greenhouse to come!

park play with friends

watching daddy and Avery mow the lawns

sister chats..the best!

Hadley 2yrs 2 months where did time go?

I have no part in this outfit (strictly Avery)

Explaining she is not old enough to play in the gam

Avery asked her to sit & watch the pretend soccer game

Hadley and Zoey

Crab Feed date night

some big girl shopping time Avery and Layla

Little Landon...such a proud Auntie I am

Missy Adiego