Crazy Days!

So it seems though my days are not slowing down at all I realize this when I arrive at preschool to say I am not able to attend a field trip...well that field already happened (yesterday)  well time to get organized.  Seems like there is something every day between kids, work, projects, sheep it is never ending around here.  I managed to get a nice walk in with my best friend Kristin as well as a few park plays in for the girls.  We also had a valentine party at the Boncore house this week which was adorable.  I enjoyed every detail of the cute little party down to the valentine straw flags!  The kids also seemed to have a great time running around playing dress up, dance party and having a down home kid lunch.  So lucky to know such great moms and have such great kids for mine to be friends with feel lucky to be part of a great little community. Joe and  I also managed to sneak in date night with Kristin and Holland and Kathryn so fun to have an adult night out with a beer and good food so fun!  Thanks Grandma Jolene for the slumber party.  On the farm front we have slowed down lambing.  Our lamb barn is down to only a few ewes until our next batch arrives.  The lamb nursery is still full, very full.  The lambs are all healthy and growing fast.  This week is a busy week with Joe gone at the farm show with his day to day job.  I am in charge of holding down the farm with the guys and super busy preparing for our visitors until Joe arrives home.  We are very very excited to have  some professors from the animal science department at Cornell University coming to the farm to visit and see the operation and facility. This is special to me since it is my home state.  Looking forward to their visit, and lots to do to prep the farm for that.  (again a bit of a perfectionist)  So lots more to come!

Missy Adiego